About Us

The Presbytery

Presbyterian relates to a Christian church in a country that is officially led by a group of ministers or elders called Presbytery. The Presbyterian church is the mainline protestant denomination in the United States. These are considered to be relatively progressive in contrast to doctrine. Presbyterians are the supporters of education and social rights of men and women both. Presbytery is governed by Polity. A Bible-based system of administration established within the group for smooth functioning. Bishop and Elders are the highest ranks under polity. They are the learned, entitled to preach in the local Congregation

 Synod Of Trinity

Synod of Trinity is the upper Judicatory of the Presbyterian church headquartered in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, inclusive of West Virginia, and Ohio. The year 1973 saw the merger of Synod of Pennsylvania and Synod of West Virginia. The year 1983 saw a further merger of Synod of Ohio. And hence the name was changed to Synod of Trinity. The Synod of the Trinity is affiliated to Presbyterian Church (U.S.A). There are 16 Presbyteries in the Synod.

 Presbyterian Women

Women belonging to this group, working in the name of Trinity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are known as Presbyterian women. They are driven by our love for Christ, the savior. They believe in strengthening the Presbyterian Women community, to strengthen the Church. Because we are the Presbyterian Church.